The First Robloxian Battle took place May 17, 2012. It was with the Doom Slayers against U.C.R at Naval Outpost of Robloxia [New Weapon!].

Background Edit

The first conflict between Doom Slayers and other groups was caused due to mistrust and non-tolerance of Wazxa12.

Wazxa12 had highly advanced gear and for that reason, no non-ally wanted him around, as he could easily and effortlessly wipe out an entire server.

U.C.R had been ordered from Shadow Warriors to confront the fast growing group, and they ended up angering Wazxa12, resulting in a shootout in the U.C.R Outpost.

The Battle Edit

Wazxa12 and Zawertyip teamed up and took out the entire server, with 3 other allies. 2 of them were taken out by JerichoBoy177, who used a rocket launcher and destroyed their truck.

Zawertyip bloxxed Jericho, and Wazxa12 ended up taking out the rest of the U.C.R Troops.

Tomskafan was presumably the outpost commander, who was easily killed by Wazxa12, using an m16.

Wazxa12, Zawertyip and Mojo316 survived the battle.

Player's Involved: Edit

U.C.R: Edit

Tomskafan2003 (Killed by Wazxa12)

YoURFall3nHer0 (Killed by Wazxa12)

USFedGov (Killed by Wazxa12)

JerichoBoy177 (Killed by Zawertyip)

stophittingthat180 (Killed by Wazxa12)

MikeTysonfan419 (Killed by Wazxa12)

Doom Slayers Edit




Feelthecitylight (Killed by JerichoBoy177)

MrGuerro4 (Killed by JerichoBoy177)