The Second Robloxian Battle took place May 24, 2012. It was with Doom Slayers against U.C.R, similar to battle one. The battle took place at Zawertyip's Power Antenna.

Background Edit

The Doom Slayers were having numerous training sessions, later becoming a war preparation.

Wazxa12 had ordered his right hand man, Zawertyip, to train several Doom Slayer recruits and instruct the upcoming battles.

Several Troops had failed to join the game, during training and the battle. Previous battle veteran Mojo316 claimed that he tried to join the game during the attack, although he never did.

U.C.R attacked, out of anger, due to their outpost being taken over during the first battle.

The Battle Edit

Several U.C.R Troops fired their rockets at the Red Fort walls, but later were gunned down by the sniping troop Fam14.

Zawertyip used his infamous Flame Thrower to kill the leader, and later caused the U.C.R retreat.

Player's Involved Edit

U.C.R Edit

MrBlockyguy9802 (Killed By Fam14)

BabyErinMTW (Killed by Fam14)

TheMagicSchoolbusof390 (Killed by Fam14)

Aintnobobodygottimefothat (Killed by Zawertyip)

Mikeboy41788213 (Killed by Gizmo180)

Doom Slayers Edit



Gizmo180 (Killed by BabyErinMTW)