ActionJames (May 16, 2013 - April 29, 2015) was a former Wazxa and Roblox user.

History Edit

ActionJames was the cousin of the Malloy Brothers best friends with his brother-in-law, Gooochy, The two would play almost every game with eachother, they were inseparable, similar to David and Jason.

ActionJames was introduced to David by Gooochy, while playing 'Work at a Pizza Place'. David coincidentally was introduced to James, his cousin, by a complete stranger at that time (He already knew James).This relationship didn't last long due to David's fate later.

James and David, along with Gooochy, Zawertyip (Patrick Malloy) and Mightybulldog10 (Jason Malloy) plaid numerous games together, and this unfortunatly became the last time anyone on Roblox would get to see David, due to his death a month later.

Fate Edit

His account was banned, after he stole money from his mom's credit card, and purchased Outrageous Builders Club. He quit Roblox, after his account was terminated.

Personality Edit

ActionJames acts like a cool guy, with total humor. For that reason, he hung around Jason for the extremely short time they knew eachother.

Appearance Edit

Due to his termination, his final look is unknown or of any look.