Badboyven (July 2, 2012 - September 29, 2016) was a Roblox user, and longtime friend of the Malloy Brothers.

This user did not get a Roblox summary, due to his behavior and bullying.

Appearance Edit

Badboyven often represented a technical geek, and later becoming what Dave and Pat called a "Furry" leading to him embarrassingly change the outfit.

Personality Edit

He was a real geek, and a "Mr. Know it all", or just flat out a smartass.

History Edit

Badboyven joined Roblox in 2012. He was very, very intelligent, knowing how to script and code with no effort.

He met with Wazxa12 (David Malloy) at a Ship VS Disasters game. The two got along well, and became friends.

Badboyven got along with David's brother, Patrick, alot better. The two were nerds, and often had trivia off's. Patrick, using the account Zawertyip, hung with him often.

Bad often hung with users like Roboxer1998, and another guy with the name Pokemon, who he met through Wazxa12's connections.

While bad was good for nerdy practical jokes and stuff, sometimes he took things too far, like threatening to hack a 9 year old, while proving the severity through a common glitch that he the kid didn't know about, making him cry,

Bad was very good to his friends, but had problems with people he considered noobs, or people that bothered him.

Disowning Edit

Badboyven and Wazxa12 were hanging out at a game called Build and Destroy (Later, Oil Tycoon) and had pulled off what he considered a "Practical Joke" which actually turned out to be very serious.

Bad got angry when a new user Sikuyo joined the game, and through hidden chat, the two agreed to prank him. Things got out of hand when Bad hacked the ambient and in-game time, and Wazxa12 kept begging him to stop, but Bad got out of control and failed to realize the severity.

After Bad was done, with the help of hacker Minish, the two left the game, leaving Minish to affect the Personal Server and after Bad had left, whatever happened to the game was under Minish's control.

Because of the game being deemed a total loss, David had unfriended and blocked Badboyven, saying that "If it weren't for the fact that the game was ruined, I would've forgiven ya bro." years after, David had died from suicide, and Patrick died in a car accident. Jason, however, forgave him, stating Build and Destroy was old and wouldn't be here nowadays due to the removal of Personal Servers.

Badboyven has since retired from Roblox.