Cromeo....concept art???

Cromeo is the primary antagonist of ROBLOXIAN media series, a fanmade media series of comics, TV, games and even 3 MOVIES! He has a love of machines and hatred of nature. He wishes to be full cyborg one day.  

His beta voice was changed to wazxa12's and is now more robotic.  


He is killed by snipers as Wazxa12 retreats. He is shot in the eye yelling at his captured robloxians and starts stumbling back, while his eye shoots out. He is then exploded by a mine and falls to the ground, along with a prototype being killed a similar way. He is then finished off by sever other shots while trying to crawl to safty.
Cromeo the cyborg by yoshi lord

Facts, write em down please.

Aftermath Edit

After Cromeo's body is found, wazxa12 is shot in the eye by a pistol, and begins tumbling around, then gets shot in the artery, then tumbles down, saying "Ahhggg" as he starts spitting blood and holding his chest, he falls down then rolls off a ledge, and drowns in and icy lake.