Defend the Pizzeria from Olaf (Formerally, Easter Egg Hunt; Later, Defend Freddie's from Olaf) is a game created by Wazxa12.

Creation Edit

The game had been created by Fan Request, to David Malloy (Wazxa12).

An old Easter Egg Hunt game, from 2013, was removed and this game was built in it's place. On February 15, 2015, David convinced his brother Patrick (Zawertyip) to come out of retirement for a day, to help him create a game that was sure to bring tons of visitors.

This initially worked, until the game became bugged, most notably in the Minigun tool, and left the game unplayable. (Unless the player has any gear)

David Malloy's death Edit

This game was notable for being the last game Wazxa12's founder, David Malloy, had played, on April 17, 2015. David had convinced Patrick and Jason (Mightybulldog10) to play Roblox with him, and they had played this game, when a fan, Wazxa12LOVER joined the game. She talked to Wazxa12, and then everyone later left the game, except for Zawertyip.

A month later, David went missing and later, found dead from a wanted murder. (Suicide)

Memorial Edit

The game is being updated by Jason Malloy, now user of Wazxa12, and is being fixed, with a memorial area for David Malloy, as this was the last game he played.