EricScott890 R.H.M, (July 29, 2010 - January 27, 2017) was a Roblox user, and a longtime friend of David Malloy.

History Edit

Eric and Wazxa12 met at "Survive an Earthquake" and immediately became friends. Eric was the founder of the Ericain Empire. Wazxa12 eventually pulled a personal prank on Eric, at first tarnishing their friendship.

Him and Wazxa12 bickered and fought numerously, most of their arguments were erased by Roblox workers, but remains at Wazxa12's fan club.

They fought numerous wars, Doom Slayers got the upper hand of the Ericain Empire, claiming the Headquarter base, Fort Griener/Eric. The battle damaged the fort unusable, leading to it's demolition.

Wazxa12 spared him, while Zawertyip (Keep in mind you can't actually "Die" in Roblox, this is roleplay) attempted to execute him, Wazxa12 did the unexpected and defended Eric, and helped him fight off forces of F.E.A.R that attempted to kill them.

Eric hung out with Wazxa12, most commonly at "Jaws". The two became friends once again, all of the claimed bases were returned, and the Doom Slayers rebuilt a new, much better Fort Griener/Eric.

He contributed to numerous games, earning him numerous accomplishments, trophies, medals, gear pieces, hats, and all kinds of contest items.

His participation in contests and Rally events on Roblox helped earn his R.H.M award in 2015. Roblox himself met EricScott890, congratulating him on his success, declaring him a Role Model.

He is more famous for his group participation, joining numerous groups and joining every group event, due to his experience in military roleplaying.

He was a very good friend of David Malloy, and well acquainted with his brother Patrick. This made him a great future, as the Malloy Brothers were also good role models, until their unfortunate demises. This was hard on Eric losing his friends, but he moved past it.

Ericscott890 retired from Roblox on January 27, 2017, never to return.

Personality Edit

During war, Eric is very strict and serious, doing his best to protect what is rightfully his. During games, he is more laidback and chilled.

Appearance Edit

He wears the Ericain Empire President Outfit, and Blonde Hair.

Retirement Edit

Eric retired from Roblox on January 27, 2017, after nearly 6 months of inactivity, saying goodbyes to his friends and quitting from Roblox permanently. David and Patrick Malloy were mentioned sorrowfully, during Eric's retirement speech. He mentioned David as being one of the best friends he ever had, and that he will be remembered forever, as one of the greatest men he knew.