Gooochy (Debut November 15, 2014) is a former Wazxa, and a Roblox user.

History Edit

Gooochy and ActionJames were a ''Tag Team' of Roblox", playing every game they could with eachother, Gooochy almost never played without him.

He met Wazxa12 (David Malloy) at 'The Mad Murderer' in December 2014. They became immediately became friends after Gooochy laughed at one of David's jokes and expressed similarities.

He later introduced his best friend, ActionJames, to David, unknown that James was David's cousin, at 'Work at a Pizza Place' and they hung out for 4 hours there.

Gooochy was one of the last people to hang with David Malloy, he, ActionJames, Zawertyip (Patrick Malloy) and MightyBullDog10 (Jason Malloy) played numerous games together, were they became hacked by Nowrs123, forcing them to split.

He parted ways after David's brother, Patrick, died.

Personality Edit

Gooochy can be described as a regular, average person, trying to fit in like everyone else.

Appearence Edit

He appears as a nerd, despite the fact he's not associated with any social classes.