Judgement day is the 58th comic part. It is famous for the long waited deaths of Wazxa12 and Cromeo.

Cromeo's death: Edit

Cromeo: "Wazxa12!! You fucking slimy little pathic coward!! YOU WILL FUCKING DIE...* Gets interrupted by a sniper bullet to the eye* "Ahhhooowwwww *eye shoots out, and a prototype is shot in the eye, weighting with his knee out holding his eye* I...I CANT SEE...I CANT SEEEEE!!!! *steps on his own mine!*(HA) UHGGGG MY LEGS MY.... *Gets shot in the head, prototype falls down and dies as well.

The page ends with Cromeo's head rolling off and he is melting!

Wazxa12's end! Edit

Wazxa12 came back, only to find Cromeo's decapitated head, he laughs at it, then holds it as a souvenir.

Wazxa12: "Aahahahahahahh *picks up head* Fucker got what he deserved, that motherfucking scientist cyborg rusty old tin shouldn't have berated ME!" Hahaha. *Shot in the eye aswell* No..noooo.....ohhh FUCK!! NOOOOOO!!!!! NOT LIKE THIS!!! YOU MOTHERFU...* Shot inches away from the neck, artery bursts, then he falls to the ground, holding his chest* AHHHHGGGG, YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAND, IM PROTECTING THIS PLACE!!. He spits out a bunch of blood then assumingly died from blood loss, and as affect, rolled off the cliff into his icey,watery grave, in Ghost Lake, and is invisable to see sinking, as his blood filled the area he fell in.

Trivia Edit

This is the only time Wazxa12 dies, which is odd since he is a antagonist, and it calms down people seeing him die, since he always shares the same model and to pretend he dies in anything else.

This is the 3rd to last of the comic series, the other is Redemption; where they destroy the HQ, and Cromeo's prototypes and weapons are destroyed along with a lot of mercs and prototypes. The last one is End of the line; where every enemy left dies on battlefield, destroying the island and power being shut off in Cromeo's island.