MajorStarch (Debut November 14, 2012) was a Roblox user created by Patrick (Zawertyip) Malloy, used when his main account was banned.

History Edit

The account's only notable appearance was during the 4th Robloxian Battle, with Doom Slayer's against Ericain Empire.

The account lacked gear and was not very usable or likable, and Patrick only played games with starterpack gear.

Even with no actual gear, the account still helped assist and win the later battle against F.E.A.R and was given a "medal" from Wazxa12.

After this, the account was donated to the Doom Slayer members (The password was E-Mailed to the highest ranked members.)

Appearance Edit

This account notably looked like a tanned character and wore green colored clothes and a bloxxer T shirt.