Power Palace is a game created by Wazxa12. This was the first game he made, it is a inverted Happy Home in Robloxia.

Creation Edit

Power Palace was made when David Malloy constantly inputted configurable objects with the stamper tool, until he began to use Roblox Studio.

With the Studio, he added some of his own models, some which were developed by his deceased brother, Patrick (Zawertyip).

Although he once stated that someone had hacked and removed the power, it was just a improper configuration that was later fixed.

2012 - 2015 Edit

From 2012 - 2015, the game was mostly just used as a tourist destination, Wazxa12 brought fans to this game, much to their happiness, and then they often battle eachother here. In 2015, the last actual update to the game, a Nuclear Weapon, created by Wazxa12, was added to the game.

The decision to add the weapon was later regretted, as this Nuke can obliterate the map and cause constant lag, and even crash the computers, due to this game being stamper built and having a ton of movable objects.

Status Changing Edit

Due to the Outrageous Builders Club Membership being hacked and cancelled, the 100 place limit was gone, reverting it to 5.

Due to the lack of importance this game has, and not being an actual place to attract people, it was closed, to make way for bigger titles, like Build and Destroy (Later, Oil Tycoon), Cuban Nuke, Defend the Pizzeria from Olaf, Ride a Rocket to Space!!!!!, and Destroy Roblox HQ.

It was constantly changing status, with the Roblox HQ game being removed for the most part, so that this one could reopen.

In April 2015, this was one of the last games Wazxa12's founder, David Malloy, played, as he battled against Pneumonia or leukemia, which made his health deteriorated and left him in a crippled condition. He played this game, with Zawertyip and ActionJames, his brother and cousin.

A month later, David died, and this game was closed for a long period, before officially temporarily reopening on January 15, 2016, which would've been David's 26th birthday. The game later reopened again on Labor day, 2016, for unknown and unclear purposes.

The game's current final reopening was June 8, 2017, and so far, it hasn't been closed since. The grass, however, was changed because of a Roblox Update.