Tropicwazxa (Debut June 22, 2012) is a Roblox user.

History Edit

Tropicwazxa was an occasional used account by either Patrick or Tony Malloy, used mostly as a character role.

While lacking the necessity and battle skills of an average Wazxa, he mostly was put down constantly by Actionjames and Jason, leading to him rarely playing Roblox, and extremely rarely playing with other Wazxa Members.

His only documented battle assist was during a raid on U.C.R, seen shooting at numerous enemies with a Spas-12.

His kill count is 3.

Personality Edit

Tropicwazxa was an enthusiast for Tropic Destinations and the beach. He was very namesake, appearing as a vacation lover and laidback.

Appearance Edit

He mostly wore blue, his favorite color.