Viruscure (July 11, 2012 - November 14, 2013) was a Roblox user.

History Edit

Viruscure was made as attempt to start testing inappropriate and experimental game models, too important and risky to use on his main account.

While he acted like a bug fixing mechanist, he primarized in scripts that were led to character blood and more inappropriate death animations.

On his last day of activity, he erased most of, if not, all of his main models and scripts from his profile and leaves a maze game behind.

Appearance Edit

Default 2012 attire (Briefly changed shirt color)

Personality Edit

Non-sympathetic and know-it-all guy.

Trivia Edit

  • One of the scripts made by him, involving blood animation, is recycled and used in some of Wazxa12's games. (Notably Cuban Nuke and Power Palace)