Wazxa is a company/organization, "founded" on January 15, 2002.This was a chain of developers, mostly family and close friends, ranging from numerous online games, primarily and currently, on Roblox.

Early History Edit

David Micheal Malloy (1990 - 2015), the main founder of Wazxa, first used the name in Club Penguin, in 2004. The name was previously used on January 15, 2002, David's 12th Birthday.

Creation of the Name Edit

While playing Club Penguin, David's keyboard was mostly ruined, leaving only 'W-A-Z-X" working. This name was taken, so he put another 'A' in it.

Patrick McGuire Malloy (1995 - 2016) was David's influence for playing video games. David and Patrick, featuring younger brothers Jason and Stuart (2002 - 2005) played Club Penguin regularly, gaining reputation.

The two taught their younger brothers how to play the game, which became a pastime and hobby for them.

Account Ban Edit

The Club Penguin account was banned permanently, in 2010 or 2011. The account's use was fairly low, as the two used Roblox more often.

Roblox Edit

David and Patrick joined Roblox in 2008, and played on an account that was lost in 2012 from a infamous hacking. Patrick made an account called Zawertyip, and immediately got Outrageous BC. David created an account called Wazxa to test Roblox's safety, and then abandoned that account.

The account Wazxa12 was made, and has made tons of progress and recruited numerous members for Wazxa over the years, and at the same time, making tons of products.

Recruitment Edit

An account called WazxaRecruiter was made to help users join the Organization, however this account was abandoned and sold on January 7, 2013. The recruitment process imitated around 225 members for Wazxa.

Failure Edit

The company lost alot of influence after the founder David Malloy died in May 2015, and this led to a crisis, as Patrick left the company in 2014. Jason Malloy had not volunteered to be the owner and had eventually persuaded Patrick to lead the company.

Patrick led Wazxa from September 2015 until March 3, 2016, when he died from a car accident. By the time Jason was leader of Wazxa, only 4 members remained.

Revival Edit

The revival was a long process, and has not yet been guaranteed to benefit or pay out through the constant change and improvements on Roblox. Demand does not see any future with any Wazxa products, singling out only the mercenary behavior as an option.

New members, such as Nicholas King, have joined Wazxa in 2017, and Nick now runs the account, when Jason isn't on.

Future Improvements Edit

Jason plans to get Presley King, cousin of Nicholas King, to join Roblox and use the abandoned Zawertyip account, and the two plan to get new members, and an Outrageous BC membership added by Fall of 2018.