Wazxa (2012 only) was a minor test account from May 5th, 2012 to May 30, 2012 as a test account to make sure Roblox was safe before David Malloy bought TBC for account wazxa12. (Turbo Builders Club)

Appearance Edit

The account's appearances were never saved as image, and the hacker left the account unequipped.

History Edit

After the Roblox investigation, and being deemed safe, Wazxa had been a low priority, and was mostly used to donate tix to Wazxa12. This account was given to ParisPinky for 32 Robux, as Wazxa12 had put up a "Wazxa ownership shirt" which was only purchased once, and was then sold to her.

The account was abandonded after ParisPinky quit. Oddly, it appeared online several times after that.

Trivia Edit

  • Wazxa came back on 7/6/2014 for some odd reason, possibly hacked since inactive for 2 years until then, because the account's purchaser quit Roblox.
  • On 6/7/2015 he makes a eerie comeback saying "wazxa12 contact me asap i want to talk to you."
  • Wazxa is not the long lost account of wazxa12, clearly due to the dates. Wazxa joined in 2012, about a month before wazxa12.